MATIC is up by 123x YTD, Inches Closer to the Top 10 on Coinmarketcap

  • The digital asset of MATIC has gained by a factor of 123x since the beginning of 2021
  • MATIC rebranded to Polygon and is on its way towards becoming a top 10 digital asset in terms of market cap
  • Mark Cuban has also invested in Polygon (MATIC) which is now listed on his company website

The digital asset of Polygon (MATIC) has increased in value by a factor of 123x since the year began.

On January 1st, MATIC was trading at roughly $0.01784. At the time of writing, the same MATIC is trading at $2.20 signifying a growth in value worth 123.3x or a return on investment of 12,231%. The chart below courtesy of Coinmarketcap provides a visual cue of MATIC’s remarkable price growth since the beginning of the year.

MATIC is up by 123x YTD, Inches Closer to the Top 10 on Coinmarketcap 6

MATIC Rebrands to Polygon

To note is that MATIC rebranded to Polygon (MATIC) in early February in what the team explained as an evolution to embrace new goals of ‘extending the scope of the Matic platform in a bid to transform it into the swiss-army-knife of Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development’.

The rebranding also coincided with the crypto-wide bull run that saw Bitcoin double in value from $32k in early January, to an all-time high of $64,863 set in mid-April.

Mark Cuban Invests in Polygon (MATIC)

The price growth of MATIC and the developments since rebranding to Polygon to increase Ethereum’s functionality have resulted in Mark Cuban investing in the project. Polygon (MATIC) is now listed on Mark Cuban’s website as part of his company portfolio. The team at Polygon made public Mark Cuban’s investment in the project through the following Tweet.

Polygon (MATIC) is On a Path Towards Becoming a Top 10 Digital Asset

As earlier mentioned, MATIC is currently trading at $2.20 and looks set to retest the $2.70 all-time high set earlier this month, but only if Bitcoin provides a stable environment.

In addition, the impressive growth of Polygon (MATIC) in the crypto markets, has assisted the digital asset in rising up the ranks in terms of market capitalization as seen in the screenshot below courtesy of Also from the screenshot, it can be observed that MATIC has edged out crypto heavyweights such as Chainlink, Litecoin, and Solana, on its path towards becoming the 13th most valuable digital asset in the crypto-verse.

MATIC is up by 123x YTD, Inches Closer to the Top 10 on Coinmarketcap 8

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