5 Cryptocurrency-Related Twitter Accounts You Must Follow

By Muskan Garg | September 16, 2021

Do you love reading crypto-related tweets as much as we do?
Whether you’re new to educating yourself around this cryptocurrency world or need to keep yourself updated with news and events, there are countless twitter accounts out there for just about any kind of information.


From highly critical reviews on the market to investors’ individual philosophy, you can find just about any type of perspective on cryptocurrency.

5 Crypto Accounts to Follow

We’ve mentioned a list of 5 crypto twitter accounts to follow as the ultimate resource for finding 360 degree information on the web.

1. Andreas M. Antonopoulos@aantonop

For reliable educational information on Bitcoin, crypto and investment, Andreas M. Antonopoulos is definitely a great resource. The author of ‘Mastering Bitcoin’ and ‘Mastering Ethereum,’ this bitcoin advocate also runs his own podcast with the name- Let’s Talk Bitcoin podcast.

For the fact that he is a consultant to different bitcoin-related startups, why not learn something from him for free? Specifically, it’s no surprise that he touches on just about all things related to crypto and bitcoin and delivers consistent quality content.

5 crypto accounts to follow


2. Balaji S. Srinivasan – @balajis
If you are a finance enthusiast, you have most likely heard of Balaji S. Srinivasan. Named as one of the world’s most influential figures in finance and technology by Forbes and the Wall Street journal, he is quite active on Twitter. Skipping the bells and whistles, he certainly delivers bold predictions on crypto events.

crypto twitter accounts follow

Another on the list


3. Vitalik Buterin- @VitalikButerin

Vitalik’s Twitter account is all about the comprehensive analysis of crypto events, so he deserves its own entry on this list.

Moreover, the co-founder of Etherum and “Bitcoin Magazine”, he has been involved in the crypto industry since the early days.
Buterin comes with his own philosophy when he reviews major issues of the industry. His critical take makes his twitter account impressive and worth a follow.

cryptocurrency related twiiter accounts


4. CryptoJargon – @Crypto_Jargon

CryptoJargon is another crypto twitter account run by a guy who wants to put good content out into the world.

Neel runs his own YouTube channel- Crypto Jargon, where he takes you through the ins and outs of crypto investing, providing insightful commentary for beginners and those who don’t want to put a lot of thought into their portfolios.
For more in-depth discussions, he has a telegram channel as well. For more in-depth and sequential learning, check out his Udemy course.


5. Anthony Pompliano – @APompliano
He is an American Entrepreneur and Investor, who also produces his own crypto newsletter, “Off the Chain” and his podcast as “The Pomp Podcast.”

In brief, following all of these crypto twitter accounts collectively gives you a lot of insights about this industry and is worth a follow!

So, this was the list of 5 crypto twitter accounts to follow that we suggest. If you liked our blog, go ahead and share it.

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