Binance NFT Marketplace to Officially Launch on June 24th

  • Binance’s NFT marketplace will be launched on the 24th of June
  • The launce will feature exclusive content from Lewis Capaldi, Trevor Jones, Michael Owen, Alphonso Davies, and eStarPro
  • The launch will also feature NFTs from individual creators from around the world
  • Binance NFT aims at becoming the ‘ultimate destination for NFTs and digital collectibles’

The team at Binance has announced that the platform’s NFT marketplace will launch on the 24th of June this year. The launch will feature exclusive NFTs created by Lewis Capaldi, Trevor Jones, Michael Owen, Alphonso Davies, and eStarPro.

In addition, the team at Binance NFT  also explained that they are in the process of partnering with additional digital artists, musicians, athletes and celebrities to provide exclusive content during the launch of the marketplace and after. The end goal will of Binance NFT is to transform the marketplace into ‘the ultimate destination for NFTs and digital collectibles’.

Binance NFT Launch Will Also Include Content from Talented Creators and Individuals

To note is that the launch of the Binance NFT marketplace on the 24th of next month will also feature artwork and content from talented creators and individuals from across the world.

Artists, creators, and musicians are therefore requested by the team at Binance NFT to join the platform’s Innovative Creators Program that is centered on featuring unique content on the marketplace.

Successful applicants of the program will get a chance at having their creations and collectibles featured on the Binance NFT marketplace during the first month after its launch. Secondly, each creator will receive 99% of the proceeds from their first NFT sale and a 1% royalty payment from subsequent NFT trades. Thirdly, all featured NFTs will get a chance at being featured on Binance’s official social media channels with millions of followers.

How to Apply for the Binance NFT Innovative Creators Program

Applicants who wish to participate in the Binance NFT Innovative Creators Program are requested to send an email to with the following information.

  • Email subject with the title of ‘Application for Binance NFT Innovative Creators Program
  • A brief self-introduction
  • Links to relevant social media accounts, if any (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc)
  • Description of previous NFT experience, if any
  • Reason for applying to the Binance NFT Innovative Creators Program
  • Samples of previous work can be attached to the email
  • A description of the NFT content you would list if selected or a proposal of what you want to create for the launch

All applications should be submitted by May 31st at 11.59 pm UTC. All successful applicants will be contacted directly by the Binance team.

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